Monday, June 21, 2010

Over One Hurdle

I have been going to Dr. Mary for about 5 weeks now. I have some good news to report - I actually ovulated on my own this month!! As far as I am aware, this has not happened on it's own for over 3 years or longer! So, we are over one hurdle for this month. Glen and I are very excited that my body is responding naturally to the acupuncture treatments. I love going as it is very relaxing and a great time to just be quiet and still. Dr. Mary thinks that I shouldn't have a problem getting pregnant so I am going to go with what she is telling me :-) She said she is impatient and hopes that it happens this month. I, on the other hand, am being patient and will take it as it comes! I just love Dr. Mary and honestly feel the best I have in several years.

Yoga has been going well too. I am taking 2 classes a week at the Zen Zone in Lee's Summit. My Monday night instructor is very calming and makes the experience very relaxing. The Wednesday night instructor is very energetic and makes the room full of happiness with her sparkling personality. Two completely different experiencing each time. The part I look forward to every class is when we lay flat on our backs with eye patches over our eyes and blankets on us and the instructor goes to each person and gives them about a 30 second neck massage! I love massages even if they are only 30 seconds!!

My sister, Shelley, and my two nieces, Morgan & Mckenna, are coming in to visit this Friday and staying for a week. We are so excited to spend some time with them. They usually come visit every summer but were not able to make it last summer. We love hanging out on the boat and having a good time over at my mom's house. This year Glen and I are taking a few days of vacation while they are here. We will have 5 days off work over the 4th of July weekend. I can't remember the last time I had 5 days of vacation - maybe our honeymoon 5 years ago.

Glen and I have become a "certified" marriage prep lead couple at our church. When an engaged couple comes to the church to get married they are required to take a Marriage Prep Class. The engaged couple will come over to our house for 5 sessions. The sessions include such things as finances, intimacy, communication and religion. We are to discuss the different situations that they need to talk about before marriage. Every couple we know that has lead these classes say that they received as much out of it as the engaged couple. We are really looking forward to this experience. We have already been notified of our first couple.