Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sammy's First Christmas

As you can imagine, this Christmas was such a blessing to us having Sam in our lives. We have spent so many holidays childless and it was sometimes very difficult to deal with. We have now been more than blessed to say the least.

Even though Sammy is too young to understand Christmas, the birth of Jesus, Santa Claus and all that is connected to the holiday, we went all out! Every night in December myself or Glen would read Sammy a Christmas book. We had a Christian version of the "Elf on a Shelf" that we moved around on a nightly basis and we would show Sammy what "Monte" the elf would do around the house every night. He smiled at Monte every morning once we found him! We had St. Nick show up and put gifts in Sammy's stocking on December 6th. We went to see Santa 2 times and 2 times Sammy cried when he sat on his lap!!! We went to Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve and then Santa came to visit on Christmas Eve. It was such an amazing holiday with Sammy that we will never forget. Unfortunately Sammy was a little under the weather (running a fever) so we didn't get to go to all of the family activities as we had hoped. This year we were planning to get all the new cousins (Greta & Ava) together for their first Christmas together but we didn't get to go. We went to my mom & Rich's house for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day and then we left for Sioux Falls the day after Christmas. It was a fun-filled time and Sammy received lots of new toys! Also, on Christmas Day Sammy started crawling for the first time! He has now in just a few short weeks, mastered crawling up the 2 stairs in our living room. He thinks he is such a big boy now. He is very motivated to try walking now as well! All in all, we had an amazing first Christmas with Sammy and thank God for truly bringing us such a blessing into our lives.

Christmas at Grandma Shirley's in Sioux Falls

Sammy liked climbing in daddy's new cooler

Sammy loved his train that Santa brought him!

Surrounded by all the toys he received from Santa.