Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Booking our trip to Orlando

Over the last week we have been in contact with our Case Worker who is the mediator between us and our BM. The case worker takes the BM to all of her doctors appointments and assists her with anything that she might need. We have confirmed our trip to meet our BM on January 11-12th. We will fly into Orlando, have dinner with the BM (birthmother), BF (birthfather) and the case worker. This dinner will allow us to get to know our BM and BF and for them to learn all about us. We are really looking forward to meeting them! Our case worker stated they are excited to meet us as well. Then, if all goes as planned we are to go with our BM to have a 3D ultrasound the next morning. This was a surprise to us! Our case worker mentioned it and said that our BM is okay with allowing us to go with her. So, hopefully if they are able to get this ultrasound scheduled while we are in town, we will find out the sex of the baby and see what he or she looks like! After the ultrasound we will have lunch together and then head back to Kansas City. It will be a packed two day trip but we are super excited for January to get here.

Only one more day before our Thanksgiving celebration! Glen is picking up my sister, nieces and David at the airport tomorrow afternoon. Then Glen's mom, sister, brother-in-law and nephew will get into town tomorrow night. We are expecting 18 family members at our house on Thanksgiving Day! We have so much to be thankful for and really owe it all to God. He has walked with us every step of the way and we thank Him for the path He has led us on.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boy or Girl?

As I mentioned in my last post, we were hoping to find out the gender of the baby over the past few weeks. Well, we are still waiting to get the news! The birthmother went in for her ultrasound and the baby wouldn't cooperate for them to see if it is a boy or a girl. So, as we seem to be so good at waiting, we will wait some more!

We spoke with the attorney in Florida this past week. Everything is going smooth with the birthmother as planned. When she went in for her last check-up she was measuring 3 1/2 weeks bigger than the week she was in. Sounds to me like either a big baby or the baby might come sooner than planned. After discussing things with the attorney, Glen and I have decided we will meet the birthmother sometime in early January. We have been looking into flights to the Orlando area as the birthmother lives outside of Orlando. This meeting will take place with a representative from the attorney's office. Any time we meet with the BM or send her cards, etc. it will be mediated by an individual from the law office. This ensures everyone that everything is done legally. We are learning alot about laws these days!

Glen and I also spoke with a BM from our adoption agency this week. It is a service that our agency provides to prepare us for when we meet our BM. The BM we spoke with works for our agency and placed her child for adoption 19 years ago. She gave us great insight on what type of questions the BM might ask us and what questions are acceptable to ask her. She was very great to work with and told us to remember that this is just as emotional for us as it is for the BM.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Glen & I are preparing to host it at our house again this year. This is Glen's favorite holiday and he can't wait for the day to be here. We plan to have about 20 family members over to share in this wonderful holiday. Glen's family will stay with us for a few days while they are in town and my sister and niece's will be staying with my mom. We are super excited to spend this time with our family.