Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Step Closer

Glen and I attended the homestudy educational workshop this weekend at Adoption & Beyond. It was the last requirement needed for our homestudy to be complete! It was a great workshop with tons of information. We learned about what it is like being matched with a birthmother, positive adoption language and an overview of the actual match meeting with the birthmother. It was great to meet other couples going through the same stage of life as well. There were 6 couples that attended the workshop. The workshop answered many of the questions we still had about the adoption process. Glen and I have no doubt in our minds that we are where we are suppose to be right now!

Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary as well. With the workshop we had that night we made Saturday night our celebration night. We had dinner at Garrozo's which is one of our favorite places in town for dinner. We had a fantastic anniversary and look forward to a great future ahead of us.

We received our first call from our consultant at A Step Ahead Adoption Services this week! Our consultant, Shannon, lives in Overland Park, so I hope to meet with her sometime this week. She is going to help us get our profile book going. This book is what the birthmothers will look at when they are making their adoption plan. Shannon will also be sending us cases that we will review and decide if they are right for us to proceed with sending our profile to. She said her personal goal with all of her clients is to have a baby with them at home within 6 months. That is a great goal and we are super excited.

With all of this excitement starting, I decided to get our nursery ready again! We had kept all of the furniture in the room but put up most of the toys, blankets, etc. It is exciting getting all the fun stuff that I received from my baby showers back out in the room! I am probably jumping the gun a little soon but who cares! I plan to head to Babies R Us in a few weeks to look at some of the items we are still in need of. Ramsey thought some of the stuffed animals were hers so we will have a little lesson to teach her what is hers and what is not :-)

Glen is traveling to Iowa these days for work. He is working on a parking garage that will be done in a few months. He and a few others left for Iowa today. When I got home after he had left, I found the a/c not working. This is the 2nd time this summer it has gone out. I hope to get it fixed tomorrow. It is currently 82 in the house and Ramsey and I are not having too much fun!

Exciting news from my work is that our owner hired 2 gentlemen to run the company. Our owner is 71 and looking to retire. The 2 new guys will work out of our Minneapolis office. They come from a national recycler so they are bringing our company a lot of experience. They will be in town for the next two days so I look forward to meeting with them. They are changing our sales plan and hope to give us a commission on our sales. I look forward to making more money with the company! It couldn't have come at a better time!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to Reality

We are back from our 6 day vacation up North! We had a great time :-) We left last Friday morning and headed to Sioux Falls. We arrived at Shirley's house in the late afternoon and decided to have a BBQ that night for dinner. We had a great time catching up with the family. Glen's grandparents were able to come over for a while and visit too. Saturday Glen, David and I went to the Falls to walk around the park. Most of it was blocked off due to recent flooding in the area. We later headed out to the Sioux Empire Fair to have some good fried foods! We watched a hypnotist while we were there as well. Troy, Julie, John and David all left on Sunday. Glen and I went to dinner with Shirley and then headed over to the B & G Way, a local favorite ice cream shop! Monday morning Glen and I headed up to Minneapolis. Our first stop was to tour St. Paul's Cathedral. I have never seen such a beautiful church. It is close to 100 years old and the paintings and intricate detail on all of the walls was amazing. The next stop was the Mall of America. Boy is that a big mall! We walked around all 3 levels looking thru a lot of the stores. I was hoping they had different stores than we have at home but it seemed to be all the same stuff we already have here. After leaving the mall we went to dinner at a Diner's, Drive-in's and Dive's restaurant. We ordered a pizza and it was great! Tuesday morning we went to yet another DDD recommendation, Al's Breakfast, which was on the campus of University of Minnesota. I had the best waffle of my life! Glen was completely impressed that I actually finished the entire waffle. We then toured the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. That is the place famous for the spoon and cherry sculpture. Then it was time for the Twins v. White Sox game. This was the highlight of our trip for Glen! We toured the new stadium before the game started. Luckily, the Twins winded up winning the game in the 10th inning! Glen was a happy camper. That ended our trip on a good note. We headed back home on Wednesday. We had a great trip and was happy to see family as well.

While we were on vacation we received a phone call from our adoption agency to set up a time for them to do our in-home meeting. So, we actually did that yesterday. I woke up yesterday with a lot of anxiety and anticipation as to what to expect for the meeting. As soon as the social worker arrived and we introduced ourselves, I began to feel completely at ease. She was super nice and knew what we were going through because she is the mother of 2 adopted children! She interviewed Glen and I together and then separate, we took a tour of our home and then it was over. It was so much nicer than I had ever expected. It is great to have that part done. We now have a workshop to attend on Friday night. Glen and I also decided tonight which referral service we are going to work through so we have sent the email off to get started on their paperwork. According to the service, they typically place a child in less than 1 year! We are looking forward to the next step of the adoption process with the hopes that we find our baby soon!

Friday, August 13, 2010


What a crazy week this has been. Every night we have had something going on and it feels good now that it is all done. We turned in our homestudy workbook yesterday so we are one step closer to finding our child! The agency will call within a week to schedule our in-home meeting. Then we have a workshop to attend on August 27th, which is also our 5th anniversary. We thought that was a very appropriate way to celebrate our anniversary this year!

Glen and I are on vacation! We are headed to Sioux Falls for the weekend to visit Glen's family. We plan to spend time with Shirley, David, Julie, Troy and John. On Monday we are headed to Minneapolis. This will me my first trip that far north. We are hoping to go to a Twins baseball game on Tuesday if there are tickets available. The Twins built a new stadium this year so every game seems to be sold out. I am also looking forward to the Mall of America! I have been saving my "clothing fund" for a few months now so we should be able to have a little fun!

We will keep you updated as our adoption process moves forward. I am now collecting pictures so I can start our profile book. This is a scrap book of our life. Being the crafty person I am, this is the fun part :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Journey Begins

Well, it has been way too long since the last time I wrote - I do apologize. We literally have been so busy I haven't had the time to sit down and write all the exciting things going on with us.

After much thought and prayer over the past few months, Glen and I finally decided to pursue adoption! On July 15th we met with Adoption & Beyond to discuss our plan with them. Steffany Aye, the director at Adoption & Beyond, was very welcoming and gave us great information on where to begin our journey. We left that evening with a Homestudy workbook in hand. If you can guess, I had almost the entire book filled out by the end of the weekend! At this point we are done with all the paperwork, getting our physicals next week and then turning in the workbook on Thursday, August 12th. We are completely ready for this and super excited for this great journey of finding our child to begin. As many of you know, we sent out an email telling everyone of our decision to adopt. We were hoping to find a birthmother on our own but will also be using a referral service that searches the US to match us with a birthmother. This type of service usually finds a match within a year or less. We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying that our match comes sooner rather than later. We still have our in-home study to do, hopefully within the next month. This is when a social worker will visit our home to make sure it is kid friendly and safe. Then they will interview Glen and me separately and together. After that meeting we will be on the waiting list! I hope to keep everyone posted on this blog with all of our updates as we go through this journey. We have a lot of reading to do along with other usual life activities so I hope to make time to sit down and write. I have started a handwritten journal to document everything we do as well. I hope to one day give this journal to our son or daughter so they will know how we came to be there parents - it is titled "Our Journey to You." Just writing that title makes me feel so blessed that we are doing this and following what we feel God has lead us to do. We want to raise the child that is meant for us, however that child comes into our life.

We have also started our Marriage Prep classes with an engaged couple. Glen and I have enjoyed this tremendously. Discussing all of the topics with the couple has been great for us as well. I can tell this is something that we were meant to do and it feels great!