Saturday, February 12, 2011

Waiting Patiently

The countdown is on! We have about 4 weeks or less before baby boy Stach is due to arrive. These last few weeks are going to make me an even more patient person than I have become in the last several years!

I have packed, re-packed and packed the baby bag again and again! I want to make sure I have all the cutest outfits to bring baby home in. Glen thinks I am crazy (and I probably am!) but I just want to make sure I have everything needed for our 1-2 week trip to Florida. I am worried how we are going to lug all this stuff with us on the plane! Carseat, baby suitcase, our suitcases and a diaper bag will definitely be a handful. Coming home will be even more interesting with a baby in the mix of it. But we are so excited and just can't wait until we get the call.

We plan to let everyone know when we are on our way to Florida. Once the baby is born, we hope to be able to have him with us when it is time to leave the hospital. We ask for your prayers for the birthmother. We pray that she is at peace with her decision and that baby boy arrives healthy.