Thursday, March 18, 2010


We found out I was pregnant February 23, 2008! It was the second best day of our married life!!! Pregnancy was quite an experience for me. The spring came around and I always get spring allergies and this year wasn't an exception. I couldn't take the normal meds I was use to taking so I just tuffed it out. This "allergy" season went on for like 3 months for me. Once that finally cleared up I kept having a bad back pain where I could hardly sit down. After going to the doctor about it he determined the baby was on my cyatic nerve which was causing the pressure and my back pain. It finally went away once the baby got a little bigger. Finally I was good to go! Glen and I decided we wanted to wait until the birth to find out what we were having. I never thought I could wait that long but I did. Most of the pregnancy went pretty smooth after those few episodes until 4th of July. We participated in the Lake Winnebago 5K walk and after the walk I was having major abdominal pains. It got so bad we finally went to the hospital. They viewed the baby to make sure everything was fine. They said that I had gotten dehydrated which was causing pre-term contractions. Boy, those were no fun.

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  1. I remember being so scared on July 4th when you called me and told me you were having contractions. I new it was too soon to go into labor.