Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Well, we were suppose to start our new fertility plan this month but we are currently having "technical difficulties!" It is almost becoming amusing. This past month I did not take any meds so I didn't think we would have any issues. After about 35 days of not starting my cycle and not having a positive pregnancy test, I called my Doc to find out what might be going on. They told me that the meds I had been on in the past sometimes linger in your system and therefore my body didn't know how to respond correctly. So, I went in last Tuesday to have a Progesterone shot to start my cycle. They said that it should start within 10 days and then we should be good to go to start the IUI this month. Saturday I finally started my cycle and was super excited to get going! I went to my Dr. yesterday to have an ultrasound and lab work done to make sure everything "looked" okay before starting the injections. Well, as soon as I started the ultrasound the nurse said, "Oh, this doesn't look too good." That is never a good way to start a conversation!!! (If you get grossed out by these terms -- I am sorry but it's the only way to explain it!!!) Come to find out the lining of my uterus was at a 9 and they like for it to be at a 5 to start on the injections. So, it was too thick to be able to start injections this month. She sent me into the next nurse who would tell me what to do from here. Karen gave me some more pills to take to thin out the lining. This round of pills is for 3 weeks. So, we are postponed another 3-4 weeks before we can go back and have another ultrasound. I am hoping and praying that these 3 weeks go by fast and that everything is perfect on the next ultrasound.

The upside of things is that I get to continue my workouts for another 3 weeks! I have been on a really good run of workouts this month and can notice a change in my body! Mom and I tried Yoga this week and it was kind of fun. It is completely different than the bootcamp I am currently doing but it is a good change of pace for once a week. I didn't seem to get that "workout" feeling after I left the class but I definitely felt more relaxed and stress-free afterwards. I think I will try to keep this class up once a week along with the bootcamp twice a week.

Glen and I have decided to take a little trip in a few weeks. We are going to go to Nashville for a long weekend. We took a trip to Nashville a few years ago and had a blast so we are hoping to have another great trip there. We love listening to live music, especially country, and love to have cocktails so this is the place for both!!! Plus I love all the people watching.

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