Friday, August 13, 2010


What a crazy week this has been. Every night we have had something going on and it feels good now that it is all done. We turned in our homestudy workbook yesterday so we are one step closer to finding our child! The agency will call within a week to schedule our in-home meeting. Then we have a workshop to attend on August 27th, which is also our 5th anniversary. We thought that was a very appropriate way to celebrate our anniversary this year!

Glen and I are on vacation! We are headed to Sioux Falls for the weekend to visit Glen's family. We plan to spend time with Shirley, David, Julie, Troy and John. On Monday we are headed to Minneapolis. This will me my first trip that far north. We are hoping to go to a Twins baseball game on Tuesday if there are tickets available. The Twins built a new stadium this year so every game seems to be sold out. I am also looking forward to the Mall of America! I have been saving my "clothing fund" for a few months now so we should be able to have a little fun!

We will keep you updated as our adoption process moves forward. I am now collecting pictures so I can start our profile book. This is a scrap book of our life. Being the crafty person I am, this is the fun part :-)

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