Monday, April 18, 2011

"Signing" Day

We arrived at the hospital with lunch for BM & BF around noon. We sat in the waiting room until they were all finished with their legal consents and working with the lawyer. Then we see BM, BF, lawyer & social worker come out of the elevator. It was like a sigh of relief as they were all dressed up and had smiles on their faces. The lawyer came over to us and said "Congratulations!" We hugged BM & BF and told them how grateful we were to them. I could tell they were emotional but knew this was the right thing for everyone. They went outside to share some time alone and we went upstairs to see Sammy. On the way up the lawyer said, "he is all yours! Everything has been signed properly and you are now parents!" At that moment we all just lost it and started crying. It was very emotional hearing those words and knowing this journey is starting a new chapter. We went to the nursery and we were let in with no problems this time! We fed Sam and then met up again with the BM. She was very emotional this time and just wanted to make sure we keep in touch because our children are biological siblings and might need each other one day. We told her we definitely want to keep in touch. They honestly feel like family to us and I would love more than anything to have them in our lives in someway. BM got packed up and then left the hospital. It was very emotional seeing her go as it might be the last time we actually see her. We plan to keep in touch through letters and pictures but not actual visits. I have never felt so close to someone in such a short period of time. I truly will miss her and BF.

Sammy had one more night in the hospital so we spent the day in the nursery hanging out in our "closet" that they gave us. It was the circumcision room that was really a closet. It was quite amusing! We had such a great time spending the day with Sam. Mom & Glen finally got to feed him too! It was great having the nurses in the same area as we got to ask them lots of questions. I freaked out when Sam got the hiccups only to find out that they are normal, along with sneezing all the time!

Sam was not able to be circumcised in the hospital as Medicaid does not pay for it. So we had to find a doctor that accepted our insurance that would have time in the next few days to do the procedure. Our attorney found us a few pediatricians so we called and set up an appointment for the following day.

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  1. Meagan, I was so happy to hear the words from the attorney "they cannot take your baby away". I was also glad that you are such a fast runner, and rescued my purse at the doctor's office we went to in the geto, when I forgot and left it, so that it would not be taken by one of the grungy people in there. Thanks again and again!!