Wednesday, May 25, 2011

11 days in Florida

We left the hospital on Thursday afternoon and headed to our home away from home. The first night with Sammy at home went pretty smooth. Glen and I were still really nervous as is all new parents but we were so thankful to have my mom there for assistance. I didn't sleep a wink that night as I was starring at Sammy all night to make sure he was breathing! That lasted about 2 nights and then I realized I had to get some sleep!

Friday morning we got up bright and early to go to Sammy's first pediatrician appointment. We had contacted our insurance to refer us to a doctor that was covered under our policy. When we pulled up to the doctors office we were a little hesitant to go in as it didn't look like the nicest place. But, we were taught never to judge a book by its cover right?! So we went in and the place was as dirty on the inside as it was on the outside! We were called back to the room for Sammy's check-up. Mom sat in the waiting room. As mentioned before, we weren't able to get a circumcision for Sammy in the hospital so we were hoping that this pediatrician could perform the procedure for us. After seeing the facility we decided we would skip that part and look around for another doctor. Mom didn't know that we had decided this so she was in the waiting room a nervous wreck thinking that little Sammy was having this procedure done in the dirty office! When we came out and told her he just had his check-up we could see a sigh of relief on her face! The office was so small that mom and I headed to the car while Glen checked out because there was no room for all of us in the waiting room along with all the other patients. After the appointment we headed out to get some breakfast and got about 2 blocks away when mom noticed she had forgotten her purse in the waiting room. With the traffic jam packed at the intersection we were at there was no way we could turn around fast enough so Glen told mom and I to jump out of the car. We did and we started sprinting back to the doctors office. Mom was panicking knowing that most likely her purse was gone by now. She had all her check books and credit cards in it because she didn't know how much money we might need with everything going on. I hadn't ran that fast since high school track! I got to the office, opened the door and there sat her purse. Safe and sound and not touch! We were so thankful.

The next couple of days we searched for a pediatrician and did a "drive by" before we decided on one to do the circumcision. We were running out of days as they prefer it to be done within the first 10 days after birth if possible. We finally found a clean office that we felt comfortable with and made our appointment. The procedure wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Sammy did fine and didn't have any majors problems with it.

Most of our days in Florida were spent hanging out at the condo, going to the pool and shopping. It seemed like we were at Target, Babies R Us or the grocery store every day! Sammy was a good traveler and shopper.

We had been keeping in contact with the attorney's office to see how the paperwork was coming along. They were waiting for the hospital to release the medical records which would then go to ICPC in Florida, then Missouri and back to Florida. Well, the hospital was taking their sweet time in releasing the files so Glen and I decided to head up to the hospital to see if we could speed up the process. Bad idea! Being the adoptive parents, at this point, we still really do not have any legal rights to get any medical information. We didn't want any info, we just wanted them to release the info to the attorney/ICPC as soon as possible. The hospital didn't understand that! I winded up breaking down in the hospital medical records room! They just couldn't understand why they needed to put a rush on this. I started crying, telling them we were running out of money and just wanted to take our baby home. As nice as Florida was, it was costing us several hundred dollars a day staying there plus we wanted to get Sammy to his home. So after my breakdown, I think they knew how important it was to get this paperwork going. This was a Weds. and the paperwork still had to be FedEx'd to ICPC in Florida and then to Missouri all before Friday at noon when the offices closed. If this didn't happen we would be in Florida at least until Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Somehow, by the grace of God, we got a call on Friday morning that ICPC had approved us to go home! Our flights were already booked for that Saturday so we were set! Glen went out and bought a bottle of champagne for us to pop open and celebrate us going home with Sammy!!!

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