Monday, May 30, 2011

The Flight Home

We were so excited to finally be going home. We had an evening flight so we were able to spend one last nice day in Florida. Heading to the airport was very emotional as it was a closing to this chapter of our adoption. Over the past few days I had really started missing the birthparents as strange as that may seem. We just felt so connected to them over the 2 days we spent with them and now we will not have any more contact. It is almost like a break-up or something.

Anxiety was also coming over me for the flight home. Taking a newborn on a plane just scared me. We were still "new" at everything so I wasn't sure how Sammy would do on the flight.

As we were checking in we gave the attendant our confirmation and said that we had a "lap baby" with us. The attendant asked how old the baby was and we told him "11 days." Then he asked us if we had our doctors "permission slip" for Sammy because every child under 14 days old must have a doctor 'ok' it to fly. Panic came over me as I knew we didn't have anything except our adoption paperwork. I frantically sifted through our paperwork to see what we could give the guy. I mentioned that we had just adopted and he said "oh, I adopted my son when he was 6 days old, you are ok to go." I again, started to tear up and thanked the guy for letting us go. That was the last thing that I wanted to stop us from getting home!

Our flight was packed because it was Spring Break and everyone was coming home from Disneyworld. Mom was not able to get on our flight so it was just me, Glen and Sammy. Mom said she could see the anxiety I had getting on the flight!!

We took our seats and I got a bottle ready for Sammy to drink on the take off. I thought that might help with the air build up in his hears. We feed him on the take off, he stayed awake for about and hour and then slept the rest of the flight! He was a perfect little angel the entire flight. I was a nervous wreck the entire time. I kept making sure he was breathing every 10 minutes or so. I am sure the people seated next to us thought I was crazy!

We finally landed in KC and we couldn't have been happier! We headed to get our luggage; which we had a ton of. Glen flagged down a Thrifty bus to take us to our car and we were on our way. Sammy was crying the entire time we waited for the bus because it was feeding time again. It was a little nerve wrecking getting him feed in the car and put in his car seat in our car for the first time. I was one of the crazy mom's that sat in the back seat with him on the way home. I felt like he was in shock because of the temperature difference. We left Florida with 88 degree weather and landed in KC with 33 degree weather. That would put anyone into shock right?!

Glen had to shovel snow off of our car and we headed home. Finally! Walking through our garage door into the house for the first time with Sammy felt like a hundred pounds had been lifted off of our shoulders! Sammy really seemed to like his house and bed because he fell asleep shortly after we got home.

Here is a picture of us the day we left Florida.

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