Monday, May 10, 2010

The Suspense is Over

The suspense is over......we didn't have success with the IUI this month. We were very upset to hear this news but life will go on! I actually went in today to have my baseline sonogram to see if we could start another round of the IUI. Unfortunately, my lining was too thick again and I had a few cysts. So, I am back on the meds to thin the lining for another 3 weeks. What an evil cycle it is - this thing called infertility! We will go back in around the first week of June to see if we are "approved" to try one more time.

In the meantime, Glen and I have been researching, praying and weighing our options on other methods of expanding our family. We attended a class on Natural Family Planning that our church offered a few weeks ago. It was a very informational class that we plan to start practicing after we give the IUI at least one more shot. It is a method of charting your cycle daily and then working with a practitioner to come up with a plan to try and "fix" the fertility problem rather than bypass it like the current program we are on. It is by no means a cure or a sure way of obtaining pregnancy but it is another alternative to in-vitro.

We are also starting the informational process of adoption. This has been an option that I have been interested in my entire life. We would like more than one child if God allows us, so we are going to start this process now. After going thru the many procedures, drugs and countless disappointing months of our infertility, we have decided maybe it is God's plan for us to have a baby another way. At this time we are actively researching adoption agencies and adoption attorney's and hopefully meeting with a few couples that have already gone thru this process. We are very interested in hearing how the process works from others who have chosen this route for expanding their family.

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  1. Meagan, you and Glen are always thinking very sensibly and your plans are always thought through. I have always told you that you would be parents, it is just when? I feel you are getting closer to that goal! Keep up your faith. Love you, Mom