Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Waiting Game

Our sonogram last Thursday went great! I had three large follicles on my right ovary!! We were good to go on our first round of IUI. So we were instructed to do the HCG trigger shot on Saturday night at midnight. That in itself terrified me because this was the shot that Glen had to administer! Glen had kept imitating how he was going to give the shot and it was more like "stabbing" than giving an injection. I joked about it to my nurse that I hoped I survived it! Saturday night came and as I mixed the liquid part with the powder to make the shot, I thought to myself 'If our neighbors see this thru the window, I am sure they will think I have a bad drug addiction!' Glen did a great job administering the shot and everything went fine. I actually didn't even know that he was already done. He now wants to go to Med School :-)

Monday we went in for the IUI procedure. It was very awkward as we never in a million years would have thought this is how we would have to go about trying to "make" a baby. The actual procedure was very simple and we were out of there in about 20-30 minutes. While visiting with Dr. Starks he reminded us that this procedure does increase our chances of having twins and the likelihood of having a boy if we do get pregnant. We were okay with both! At this point in our journey to parenthood we are open to a lot of possibilities. Dr. Starks as well as one of the nurses commented on how this has been a very successful month for the clinic. They have had 36 women get pregnant this month and most of them are having twins. This statistic if from doing IUI and IVF at the clinic. That was great news to hear! Dr. Stark wished us luck and said that he was kissing the lucky horseshoe above the door for us.

After this long journey we have been on, we know it is up to God as to when/how we will have a baby and we are leaving it in His hands. This has been a hard concept to grasp as Glen and I are both organized planners. We always thought we would get married, have a fun first year of marriage and then start our family. We wanted 3 kids and planned out when we would have them. After many years of trying to plan our lives we now know that God is in control and we will follow what He wants for us. All we can do is pray and know that there is a plan for us - we just have to be patient. (Patience had never been one of my strong points!)

I have an appointment for a pregnancy test on Monday, May 10th. In the meantime we will wait, pray and hope for good news to come!

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